The ELM project has concluded and this website has been archived.
Project resources are available on this site for historical reference.

What is the ELM project?

The Enhanced Learning Maps (ELM) project is a guiding framework. Our perspective on formative assessment partnered with the rich information displayed in our learning map models can guide teachers’ instructional practice and general approach to learning and assessment.

Welcome To ELM


Missy McCoskey

Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Laddonia, MO

ELM’s learning map helps me decide where to start with teaching a new concept by giving me a clear picture of where students are, where we need to go, and how to get there.

Jenni Blattner

Elementary Mathematics Teacher
Appleton, Wisconsin

Whether I’m teaching to my whole class, a small group, or one-on-one, ELM’s learning map model puts all the learning progressions into one place.

Elizabeth Oestreich

Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Wausau, WI

ELM helps me develop productive interventions by pinpointing prerequisite connections to topics students are struggling with.

Missy Henneman

Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The maps will lend themselves to incorporating rich word problems and visual representations necessary for learning.

Shana Poetker

Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Lawrence, KS

From my work with the learning map model, I have really started to think about the prerequisite skills students need to master the concepts I want to teach. I think a huge takeaway from my experience with the maps will be thinking about learning gaps as missing map nodes. Now, I feel I have better tools to help identify learning gaps with the goal of filling in those gaps.


Debbie Thompson

Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction Designer
Wichita, KS

I thought the Enhanced Learning Maps lessons were thoughtful and purposeful and directed toward the intent of the standards. I think all teachers will find this information useful for teaching toward the standards.

Natasha Cox

High School Mathematics Teacher
Shawnee, KS

The learning map model illustrates how there are multiple right ways of teaching a concept, and there are multiple pathways to the same knowledge. It could really help an instructor differentiate their teaching.

ELM Project